20 April 2017: Seminar at the University of Auckland Business School


Forum: Retirement Policy in an Age of Uncertainty

When: Thursday 20 April 2017, 1.30-4.30pm

Where: Case Room 2, level 0, University of Auckland Business School, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

International guest speakers:

The Hon. Nick Sherry: Australian superannuation system and reform

Australia’s former Minister for Superannuation & Corporate Law and Assistant Treasurer

David Harris: UK and Ireland pension systems before and after Brexit

Managing Director, TOR Financial Consulting Ltd

There is much concern here and abroad about what the future holds for retirement policy. Brexit and the Trump election have profound implications for what is happening in Ireland, England and the US. Australia has its own set of uncertainties and is in the midst of far-reaching reform. Two overseas experts will bring an international perspective to the forum and outline the best-practice thinking on future uncertainties in Australia, US, UK and Ireland.

RPRC’s Susan St John, Michael Littlewood and M.Claire Dale ask: Are there possible lessons for New Zealand?

To register for this forum, email Dr M.Claire Dale at m.dale@auckland.ac.nz

Posted Alec Waugh

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