Compulsory Super

Good morning, all. I am new here and while I have soldiered through much of the history I am sure I have missed a lot.

I imagine most here are refugees from the workforce, or were granted safe passage, so my question is about the coming generations. Would you like to see compulsory superannuation for the future in some form or other? I am personally strongly in favour of it. There. Go to it. Smile

Posted by Michael Moyniham

One thought on “Compulsory Super”

  1. Compulsory by stealth — Michael Cullen’s original launch of Kiwisaver described this since brutalised scheme as voluntary – they offered sweeteners to make sure that the auto-enrolment mechanics were ignored. But once caught in the Kiwisaver scheme, it’s compulsory. And employers contributions to Kiwisaver are compulsory. And paying PAYE tax and GST and Income-Tax is also compulsory. So since when do we not have a compulsory pension system in NZ. NZS is funded from taxes i.e. our compulsory contributions. Other western nations also have compulsory systems but at least then your entitlements are less subject to the vagaries of governmental pension theft such as the spousal undercut of section 70 in NZ and the wholesale denial of any NZ pension if you happen to have saved off-shore. Thousands of New Zealand residents face compulsion on a daily basis but have no entitlement when the rules are changed on them. If we are going to move to a defined contribution or defined benefit “compulsory pension” system in NZ then lets stop lying and cheating and basing our legislation on nonsense. If you dis-agee then email me on or post your comment on this site for all to see and peruse.

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