Overseas Pensions – Jan McKeogh

Jan McKeogh commented 

Please advise what type of lobby can be joined with regards to overseas pensions and NZ Superannuation,and other anomalies which exist.

Alec Waugh’s Reply

This question is all about lobbying and advocating change to Section 70 of the Social Security Act. This is always a vexed issue, and no simple answer.

Writing letters to MPS and visiting your local Parliamentary members is one practical way, and writing to the relevant Minister(Ministry of Social Development) is another. Writing a letter to the principal newspapers “Letters to the Editor: is another. Joining Kaspanz and Grey Power is another.

Making a submission to the Financial Literacy and Retirement Commission is another-hopefully they will make strong comment on the need for this to be reviewed in their 2013 report to Parliament.

Attending any seminars and forums on the topic, when they come up.

They key element is to keep visibility on this topic, and that can be achieved in a myriad of ways


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