Kaspanz Website reinvigoration

As some of you may know I have been pre-occupied for the last two months with an illness which turns out not to be curable. See the link to the NZ Herald article I wrote about this below. Now that we know the future, the Kaspanz team are working to make running the website a little less time and expertise demanding, by mainly using emails to update the site. The Herald article is an example of how complex documents can be linked to the site by being sent via email as a ‘Post’. Text, Links, Images and .pdf documents that are incorporated into an email can be automatically sent to the site and either viewed directly or via their link. We will be arranging an email address that you can send such info to, so that it can be uploaded to the site.

Keep looking at the site for future posts about Kaspanz interests generally, and for the email when we have arranged it.

Best Wishes

Stephen Wealthall

Lets talk openly about death.pdf

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