Kiwi Saver changes- the litany of amendments

Mary Holm in her column, per the NZ Herald highlights changes, a classic example of political interference which affects consumer trust and policy consistency!

Posted y Alec Waugh

One thought on “Kiwi Saver changes- the litany of amendments”

  1. The RPRC has followed the evolution of KiwiSaver closely. The latest changes are ill thought through and illustrate the dangers we face of ad hoc to the retirement incomes framework. The lack of a proper forum for debate coupled with impending concerns about costs as the populations ages may see more regrettable ad hoc fiscally driven changes. The Kickstart was a well designed incentive that cushions small accounts from erosion through fees. Without it, KiwiSaver will be far less attractive for the very people that need the help the most. National could have removed the kickstart for children and applied it only at the point of autoenrolement. But there was no consultation or opportunity to examine less damaging alternatives.

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