Martin Hawes Summer Investment Series: Free

I attended this week the “Forsyth Barr Summer Investment Series”, being currently advertised and presented at a number of NZ venues. Hosted by Martin Hawes, there is no charge for attendance, and as usual Martin presented well and clearly. If I had a critique it was not about any of the content, but the use of a microphone is a must these days, and presentations without such a tool, should not be occurring.

Martin discussed simply and clearly major considerations with regards to investing, and what individuals should be thinking about with their Kiwi Saver Plan.

Snippets from his presentation included the 4% rule and its application, asset allocation and risk factors, longevity, changing inheritance patterns and work force trends. He talked about the Forsyth Barr re-launch of the Summer Kiwi Saver Scheme. Noted the competitive 0.90 fee.

His reference to Warren Buffet investment Guru quotes Rule 1. Don’t lose money, Rule 2 remember Rule 1, and the “If in doubt about the investment and return stay out” raised a murmur of agreement from the audience, reminding everyone why we there!

Martin shared with everyone his current asset allocation pre Trump and Post Trump, emphasising asset allocation was a key issue for all investors

Pre Trump                                               Post Trump

  • NZ shares 10%                                       5%
  • Australian shares5%                              5%
  • International shares25%                       35%
  • Property Commercial 15%                   10%
  • Bonds35%                                               20%
  • Cash 5%                                                   15%

If you get a chance, get along. Martin is an experienced and established Authorised Financial Advisor, author and financial commentator, and Forsyth Barr a long established company.

Posted by Alec Waugh

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