Migration Effects on NZ Pension Burden

Migration Effects on NZ Pension Burden

I have been looking (without much success) for information that would clarify the effects of Migration on Population Age Structure, Life Expectancy and Pension Burden in NZ.

I have prepared a short discussion document, laying out the assumptions and conclusions that I have come to from first principles and what little literature there is available.   The full document is HERE.   If you have definitive information that confirms, refutes or adds to the discussion please post it at the full document site, and I will put it into the structure.

Essentially I conclude:-

#1  That present and future migration is statistically skewing life expectancy figures upwards

#2  That migrants will Iive longer than NZ born inhabitants

#3  They will therefore survive more years of pensionable age than NZ born superannuitants

#4   Immigrants elderly relatives, from non-reciprocal pension agreement countries, who join their families, will be part of a pension burden whose funding they have not contributed to

Stephen Wealthall

2 thoughts on “Migration Effects on NZ Pension Burden”

  1. NZ Statistics announce record immigration figures:-

    The country had a net gain of 56,275 migrants in the year through March, 75 percent higher than the 31,914 gain in the year earlier period, Statistics New Zealand said. Migrant arrivals were 16 percent ahead of the year earlier period, while departures declined 13 percent, the agency said.

    See Article from ‘Sharechat’ HERE

    1. Your picture seems one of an increasing cost burden on New Zealand, Stephen. Stats NZ have no figures on the wealth they bring? They should know a lot about wealthy migrants from Immigration. Of course family reunion is a considerable category and there is no presumption of wealth. Perhaps Immigration can help you round out the picture?

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