New Zealand Superannuation
and Veteran’s Pension changes

From 1 July 2020, the
Government is
closing the
non-qualified partner
provision, and
removing the
direct deduction of a
overseas pension
received by
a superannuitant’s partner
from that superannuitant’s NZ
Super or the Veteran’s

Around 450 superannuitants
(in 2022/23) will no longer
have their entitlement to NZ
Super or the Veteran’s
Pension reduced because of
their partner’s overseas
It will be simpler to apply for
NZS or VP because in most
cases MSD will not require so
much information about
applicants’ partners.

Around 6,300 fewer people
who do not personally qualify
for NZS or VP will be included
in their partner’s NZS or VP
(by 2022/23).

People who are currently
included as a non-qualified
partner will continue to
receive this rate unless their
circumstances change.
The changes reflect society
today. In most households
both partners work. There is
no longer a ‘principal
breadwinner’ whose
retirement marks the
retirement of both from the workforce

Posted 21 September Alec Waugh


  1. I trust this also means the qualifying partner will receive the single rate of Super and not
    the half married rate. Also the underage partner will receive the unemployment or sickness
    benefit if qualified.

    1. Fat chance of that. I found the rules discriminatory, and emailed the Minister, who promptly fobbed it off to a Ministry Flunky who came back with the specious argument that people living together, whether officially married or not, have shared expenses. To which I had alluded to in my email to the Minister. And which I didn’t disagree with. Like 2 people living together is cheaper than 2 people living apart. That’s pretty obvious. My objection was that we’d (in my case) share travel costs (nope) and food costs (again nope – in my case for medical reasons). My take on their reply was essentially “up yours… suck it up.”

      Do I blame the Minister for that? No, as it was obvious that the email wasn’t sent from her. And I’d bet pretty good money (if I had it) on her never even actually seeing the reply by the aforementioned flunky.

      And, for the record, I speak as a former Govt Ministry employee and understand how the system work.

      1. As I understand it, the government new legislation is looking after immigrants who claim their Super from their country of origin and are now able to claim NZ Super whist those kiwis who are in a relationship can no longer claim the partnership payment.
        What sort of traction is this policy giving the government. It is obvious, kiwis living in their own country are second rate and lets look after the immigrants. They should have implemented both policies.
        Another bad policy from Labour which will certainly not be a vote catcher.

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