NZ Super-suggestion link to health data

I am cautious of this approach too, and the suggestion”people want to work past 65″ is highly questionable. Having  to attempt to find work , due to inadequate income, is the reality for many,  but don’t put a rosy glow  as if this is some sort of lifelong dream.

I would suggest many people have no choice, the exception being  some of the highly and wealthy, able to pick and chose  jobs or business opportunity on their own terms

Posted Alec Waugh Jan 27th, 2019

One thought on “NZ Super-suggestion link to health data”

  1. Does any of the research ask people the question, ‘how many years of healthy activity do you want to have after you finish paid employment’? This should be taken into account.
    The comments that pervade this item seem to come from a point of view which simply looks at people as production units where companies / the state are purely interested in maximising returns from their labour. As a result of this attitude there seems be no interest (I suggest even that it would appear some think exactly the opposite) in allowing for any length of ‘pleasant time’, while good health still exists, following exit from the paid workforce.

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