Retirement Policy and Research Centre Update July 2013

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We attach the latest quarterly report from the RPRC.  One of the key activities of the three months ended June 30th was the hosting of a Forum on the treatment of overseas pensions for those who are entitled to New Zealand Superannuation.

There are some real anomalies and key injustices in the current policy but it has been difficult to get political attention to remedy these. This is changing with both Labour and New Zealand First taking a serious look at out of date policy. The Update outlines the Forum – the proceedings can be found here.


The RPRC was very pleased to see the DominionPost pick up the overseas pensions issue on the front page of the printed edition on 9 July and congratulates Vivien Engler who spoke at the RPRC function for being prepared to discuss her position publicly.  The article is at the link:

Net widens on double-dip pensioners

As an outcome of that report, on 10 July, Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon interviewed Vivien Engler on her experience, and followed that with an interview with Susan St John.  The item is at the link:

Govt push to save on superannuation payments

The DominionPost editorial picked up on the issue the next day, and Michael Littlewood was invited to write an article which was published on Friday, 11 July:

Time for pensions debate

16 comments follow this article and many emails were received by the RPRC following the Radio New Zealand interviews.


Susan St John, Michael Littlewood and Claire Dale


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