Susan St John/Alec Waugh Views

Contribution: Susan St John’s original articles and rejoinder, and Alec Waugh’s comments from Kaspanz, all indicate that the debate about retirement income can be broken down into specific components that can be analysed. This approach, rather than the simplistic global statements of many politicians and instant experts, is to be applauded. It does not matter that there are different interpretations of some of the components, the aim of Kaspanz should be to get those specific components out into the open, let them be debated, and then hopefully educate the Treasury dwellers and their political masters about the real facts.

Stephen Wealthall

2 thoughts on “Susan St John/Alec Waugh Views”

  1. Exactly Stephen. Thankyou for articulating on spearheading the various components of retirement income. It is probably the most simplistic and intelligent way in which to educate the decision makers.

  2. the big opportunity is now here the Minister of Social Development has issued a media statement and said a Review/rewrite of the SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 1938/1964 IS TO BE DONE NOW there is a link on the MSD WEB SITE which I will give in my next reply. all of us must make the most of this by submissions and continuing to lobby for the changes needed and following what is being said in Media and on Govt web sites regarding this. also the Law Commission web site will have something on there also.

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