Tony Alexander column and also a USA insight into Better jobs and a longer working life

Tony Alexander a NZ economist writes and researches with clarity and simplicity. Perhaps the best regular  insights into key NZ “economic issues” I have ever read!

Tony’s comments matches Mary Holms  weekly NZ Herald column with her  calm and succinct advice on key” financial  issues.”

His free weekly newsletter is a must

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The Brooking Institution is a USA think tank, this article looks at the problematic area of  work for older people and the dream of choosing your own retirement date.

There are at least two embedded assumptions when we equate working longer with choosing to delay retirement: first, that older New Zealanders have jobs from which to retire; and second, that older workers choose the timing of their retirement. Both assumptions were problematic even before the COVID-19 pandemic. They are even more problematic now.

  • Kaspanz editor view is the opportunity for older persons work  in New Zealand is actually  only available  for the educated,  and compounded for all  senior groupings , by  rampant age  discrimination  so entrenched and severe in the market  that its almost  impossible to surmount. A better employment market  is the dream policy goal, but unlikely to be achieved, and don’t start me on the obscenity of Chief Executive pay, which should be the starting point for addressing the huge gap between rich and poor  and decreasing the inequality gap.

Calming down here  is a 2020  paper on inequality.!


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