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Managed Funds Herald Article

Tamsyn Parker has an article on a review of ‘Managed Funds’ including Kiwisaver in today’s Herald.

New Zealand was last but one in the 24 Country report.

“Of the four categories measured by Morningstar, New Zealand received a B- for sales and media, a C for regulation/taxation and fees/expenses and a D for disclosure.”

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Annuities are they being overtaxed. Where is the evidence?

Kaspanz is of the view that the annuity market is a key issue for those currently involved with Kiwi Saver, and annuities appear to be overtaxed. The annuity issue appears to have been poorly handled by this government, and their cold shoulder approach to the Government Super annuitants Association is disgraceful. Hopefully the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income review will address this matter in 2013, followed up by Government action consistent with their alleged approach on taxation fairness and equity. read more

Alec Waugh

Kaspanz submissionfor 2013 review of retirement income policy.

Kaspanz is very supportive for the retention of New Zealand Superannuation in in its present form, its simplicity, and low administration costs, proving beneficial over a long time period. Kaspanz suggests the current universal model is a world leader, probably the best public scheme in the world and continues to stand the test of time. Read More

Alec Waugh on behalf of Kapanz