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Forum: Decumulating retirement savings: making the options work

21 November 2014, 9am – 6pm, at the University of Auckland Business School

Register now.

The Forum, co-hosted by the RPRC and the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Incomes, builds on the 2012 Forum: Spending the Savings. The Forum will bring together consumer and sector representatives, actuaries, academics and other experts to help progress policy development on the viability of various approaches to the decumulation of savings. The keynote speaker is Jeremy Cooper, Chairman of Retirement Income at ASX-listed Challenger Limited, a major annuity provider in Australia. The Forum supports the recommendation in the Retirement Commissioner’s 2013 Review of Retirement Incomes: Retirement Commissioner to convene a broadly representative review to determine viability of approaches to the voluntary annuitisation of savings, including KiwiSaver balances, on retirement.

More information about the forum here.

Forum: Overseas pensions: a fairer future

5 December 2014, 2.30pm-5pm at the University of Auckland Business School

Registration required (no charge)

The Forum builds on the research on overseas pensions policy in New Zealand published by the RPRC, the two Forums held in 2010, and also the 2013 Forum. Throughout, the work has been supported by the Human Rights Commission. The need for change is signalled in the Ministry of Social Development’s Briefing to the Incoming Government. See the RPRC’s Press release in response to the Briefing: Ministry’s concern for overseas state pensions welcomed.

More information about the forum here.

Posted Alec Waugh

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