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NZ Superannuation: Another article from Michael Littlewood

This was written after National announced a pending change in Superannuation age of entitlement. Labour with a history of flip/flops  on pension age (National  little better) became the Government, and PM Jacinda has signaled no change to the current 65 years of age.

Be very wary of further change. Both main parties cannot be trusted and neither have a solid foundation, on  any rationale for change. I have on good feedback that  both the PM and David Parker the ideas man within Labour would love to change their position, so “on a whim” policy might occur. Hopefully MMP constrains stupidity on this topic.

Posted by Alec Waugh September 14

Health: Good health is wealth! Be wary of longevity comments.

The evidence appears to suggest that every decade you can add somewhere  between 1.2 yrs to 2.5 yrs onto the average life span. Be very careful in your understanding of those commentators, who signal everyone will live to 90 plus and most can work till mid 70’s, The long term future will change, but the issue for most currently  is the quality  of life in the senior years, and some early trends also will  possibly impact those of tender years


Posted by Alec Waugh, September 7th, 2018