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Retirement Income Books, and Media Commentators worth!


By Alec Waugh-Chairman Kiwi Saver, Annuities and Superannuation Protection Association New Zealand Incorporated


1. The Great NZ Work, Money and Retirement Puzzle and how to solve it. A Practical Guide for everyone 19-91 yrs. Alan Clarke, (2014)

2. Retire Right, A New Zealand Guide to planning for financial security prosperity in your retirement Joy Scandlyn (2007). With CD

3. The New Retirement: Smart Tips for Boomers. Bill Jamieson Shoal Bay 2007

4. Martin Hawes: A prolific writer, (over 20 books) always provides good reading e.g. NZ Retirement Guide, (2013), Twenty Good Summers etc.

MEDIA COMMENTATORS? Any worth listening too!

Ø Martin Hawes: A must read. Calm, considered, commons sense covering superannuation, trusts, retirement savings etc.

Ø Mary Holm: Sound and quirky. Good simple business and personal financial comment, on many of the current retirement issues. Excellent NZ Herald each Sunday-compulsory reading.

Ø Rob Stock: Leans towards the seniors market, writing in an easy to follow manner, on topical subjects. Sound

Ø Helen Twose. Her Kiwi Saver Question and Answers column is a must read, the questions and answers needs to be published in booklet form.

Ø Bernard Hickey: Press Gallery, he initiated a good website, but now independently contracts to them. Bernard is maturing, he mocks the senior age group, and writes for a younger audience but he is knowledgeable, just needs to be more policy aware and recognize the goal posts never favour the far right opinions or the far left

Ø Mathew Hooton: A right wing commentator. Don’t ignore, but take with a grain of salt

Ø Fran Sullivan: Writes some good stuff, but has a blind spot re New Zealand Superannuation and needs to recognize that the NZ model is a world leader, and projections/assumptions 30-50 years out are close to worthless.

Ø Brian Fallow. Experienced economic editor of the NZ Herald. Always interesting. Has a blind spot re NZ Superannuation and fiscal costs, leans to crisis rhetoric on Superannuation issues, needs to allow for adjustment factor in his long term trend analysis.

Ø Brian Gaynor. Experienced and considered opinions particularly investment analysis.

Ø Susan St John, Retirement Policy and Research Centre, Auckland Business School. Susan’s substantial knowledge of the Retirement Income sector makes her a “must read”.

Ø Michael Little wood. Like Susan, from the Auckland Business School. Sound and always gives a specific opinion.

Ø Liz Koh, Dominion Newspaper “Money matters”. Interesting, sincere and well researched.

Ø Mike Hosking. Intelligent, zany, but untrained mind. Right wing, sounds good, but substance lacks at times

Ø Leighton Smith. Great survivor of Radio Talkback. Right wing, knows his way around the subjects, but his twist on issues often sounds good, but sometimes lacks data and evidence base.





· The Headliner. Investment advice sheet and comment www.

· The National Business Review. .New Zealand weekly business review and analysis magazine

· The Economist

Posted by Alec Waugh

Annuities around the world

Good Speaker: Interesting topic:

International guest speaker David Harris, Managing Director, TOR Financial Consulting Ltd: Is New Zealand up with the play? Annuities around the world.

When: Thursday 27 August 2015, 10am to 11.30pm

Where: Room 260-325, Level 3, Owen G Glenn Building, University of Auckland, 12 Grafton Rd, Auckland.

Abstract: Retirement income solutions around the world: how does the retirement income money last? This presentation compares recent thinking and developments on annuitisation and pensions in the UK, US, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. What are the options? How effective are the incentives? Given population ageing, should New Zealand rely on a voluntary retirement saving scheme to solve the challenge of decumulation? David Harris will draw on his international experience to offer insights on pension design, retirement savings investment options, annuities and ways to promote security given the inherent uncertainties.

Bio: David Harris is well known in the financial services industries in the UK, USA and Australia as an expert on pensions systems and reform. Prior to founding TOR Financial Consulting he was a senior consultant with Watson Wyatt & Co. in the UK and Watson Wyatt LLP in Washington DC. David has worked with the financial services and consumer protection regulators in Australia and the UK, and worked with the OECD and Irish Government on evaluating how the existing framework can be improved. He has testified several times before the United States Congress on international social security and pension reform. David was awarded the AMP Churchill Fellowship to study “What influences public confidence in the life insurance and retirement industries”. He continues to work on Irish pension reforms with the insurance industry.

To Register, email Dr M.Claire Dale